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Here are the models that show you the pathways to managing your car and your self in any environment.

Not for everyone, but essential reading for geeks.

  • A 911 on track

    Car Control Handbook

    A handbook that focuses on the skills you need to master car control.

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    Car Control Handbook

    The Car Control handbook is a powerful collection of tools, theories, models and techniques that I have developed over the last 30 years of coaching. It covers the following topics:

    1. Introduction
    2. Coaching Philosophy
    3. Model of Successful Driving
    4. Human Data - Collection and Interpretation
    5. Vehicle Dynamics and the Human Body (Ergonomics)
    6. The Fundamentals
    7. Modelling Grip
    8. Basic Dynamics of Vehicles
    9. Managing Grip Near to the Limit
    10. Advanced Handling

    The Car Control Handbook is available from Amazon for Kindle and from iTunes as an iBook.

  • The steering wheel in a Ferrari

    Driver's Handbook

    A handbook for all road drivers.

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    Driver's Handbook

    During your lifetime you'll probably clock up a total of a few years of driving. How safely and enjoyably you to spend all that time depends on the effectiveness of your driving performance. The purpose of this handbook is to help you to become more and more effective at the wheel.

    This handbook covers the following topics:

    • Part 1: Effective Driving
    • Part 2: Personal State Management
    • Part 3: Vehicle Management
    • Part 4: Road and Traffic Management

    The Driver's Handbook is being prepared and will be available as a PDF.
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