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Have you spent as much on developing your driving skills as you have on your car?

Masterclass is a two-day course with exclusive use of the track at Anglesey. Mark Hales and I have designed this course to help you develop your track driving skills to a very high level.

The Masterclass is £1995 per person including VAT. Places are limited to six drivers per course. We provide the cars, fuel and insurance.

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  • Walking the track at Anglesey Performance Centre

    Course Content

    Develop strategies that enable you to measure and improve your track driving.

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    What you will learn

    Our masterclass uses the fixed environment of the Anglesey circuit to focus upon the process of optimising your approach to driving any circuit.

    • The fundamental importance of taking the correct line
    • Recognising how you know when you're on the ultimate line
    • Simple phases of cornering
    • The importance of taking due consideration of road camber as applied to corners
    • Recognise difficult situations and learn how to deal with them
    • Understanding how the vehicle translates your actions into the outcomes
    • Basic vehicle dynamics (oversteer and understeer)
    • Understanding tyres, the language of tyres
    • Understanding steering at the limit
    • Understanding grip
    • The importance of dynamic weight distribution
    • Elements of handling at the limit
    • Aspects of subtlety applied to controls
    • Smoothness
    • Heel & toe gear changing
    • 'Hinting'
    • Effective braking
    • Developing your ability to manage your internal mental state
    • Learning how to minimize mistakes
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  • Don Palmer and Mark Hales standing on the track at Anglesey


    The best way to describe the experience of a Masterclass is to let people who have been on one tell the story.

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    Customer Feedback

    "For me the Masterclass was a good way of taking my track driving standard up a notch or two. Aside from Don and Mark’s great teaching styles, by far the best aspect of the course is the exclusive use of Anglesey and the choice of track weapon for getting the point across. Anyone who really wants to understand what is happening to your car as you pound round a circuit and how you can develop your style would benefit from these two days." James

    An Article in Octane Magazine

    You could also read the article by David Lilywhite for Octane Magazine. It was published in February 2009 - that's back in the early days of the course.

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    A Review of the First Ever Masterclass

    Masterclass started in August 2007 and Steve Ivermee was there. His review of the course was published in HPC Magazine.

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